• Accident Insurance Member

    300.00 USD

    Accident Insurance Member
    BEPA Benevolent Association

    Price: $300.00 USD annual policy price*


    • $10,000 coverage
    • $500 deductible
    • significantlycheaper policy
    • better benefits


    • anyone can join
    • must be a Basic Member in good standing


    • a group policy has not yet been established, so the primary benefit of the membership at this time is the ability for us to begin recording transactions through the association
    • no refunds
  • Advertising Group Membership

    50.00 USD

    Advertising Group Membership
    BEPA Trade Association

    Price: 50.00 USD initial investment*

    Memberships Remaining: Out of stock


    • Assignment to specialized rides
    • Access to private online forum just for Advertising Group Members
    • The right to vote on issues affecting the group


    • must be a pedicabber in New Orleans
    • must be a Basic Member in good standing

    Notes: no refunds, but you may pause spending on your investment

  • Basic Member

    Basic Member

    150.00 USD

    1st Year Price: 150.00 USD

    Annual Renewal: $100

    All inclusive membership.

    Funds raised through these membership fees are distributed in the following manner:

    $25 to BEPA Trade Association (501c6) for industry advertising, industry-related memberships, minor administrative costs, processing fees, and miscellaneous costs

    $25 to BEPA Foundation (501c3) for philanthropic activities, including but not limited to scholarships for pedicabbers, 0% interest loans for pedicab-related entrepreneurs, grants to local charities/charitable activities (up to 20% may be spent on advocacy, not political- or lobbying-related contributions)

    $75 to BEPA Benevolent Association (501c12), $50 specifically allocated as a refundable deposit for our Injury Fund in the first year

    $25 to Big Easy Pedicab Association (501c4), BEPA's parent organization, mainly supporting administrative costs such as the website and independent contractors

  • Pedicab Operator

    Pedicab Operator

    500.00 USD

    Price: 500.00 USD/year

    Available: 3

    Membership Benefits:

    • Member Profile
    • Ability to Create Articles for pedicabbers
    • Ability to create email campaigns to pedicabbers
      • sequential (day 1, 7, 13, 50, 90, 180, 360)
      • seasonal
      • daily
      • weekly
      • monthly
      • yearly
      • other custom time schedule
    • Additional channel for advertising wrap ads
    • Value that members create for industry through industry ads, philanthropy, business development, and advocacy
    • User-generated System for increasing community accountability for safety and customer service
    • Forum that can allow or disallow pedicabbers to review discussions between operators and to comment or not comment

    Fund Allocation:

    • 25% to 501c6 - BEPA Trade Association (industry advertisements)
    • 25% to 501c3 - BEPA Foundation (local charity and pedicab-related charity or programs including scholarships for pedicabbers)
    • 25% to 501c4 - Big Easy Pedicab Association (operations/website)
    • 25% to 501c12 - BEPA Benevolent Association (up to 15% off supplemental accident/dismemberment insurance policy for pedicabbers, $15,000 coverage with $500 deductible, contributed toward premiums paid by pedicabbers through BEPA)