• Company Comparison: New Orleans Pedicab Operators

    This page provides links to the profiles of each pedicab operator in New Orleans on the anonymous rating and review website provided by Glassdoor.com.

  • Useful Equipment for Pedicabbers

    This article details useful equipment for pedicabbers.

  • Dispatch Phone Etiquette: "Bull in China Shop"

    When coming back with your location for a dispatch, please try to come back LATER than others when you know it's likely that...

  • What to do if you get in an accident

    If you are involved in an accident you need to take the following steps.

  • Renewing your Pedicab License

    This article outlines the process for renewing your pedicab license

  • Driver Safety Tips

    Learn more about driver safety tips such as how to drive on the right and how to walk your bike when it is disabled.

  • Sexual Harassment Issues

    Are you being sexually harassed? By a customer? By a colleague? Learn more about the options you have available to you.

  • Pedicab Ordinance

    As of 5/8/2014, this is the pedicab ordinance. Click here to read more

  • Public Safety Rangers

    Public Safety Rangers provide services that promote safety and quality of life for businesses, residents, and visitors of Downtown New Orleans. This article provides information on Ranger Services, the DDD Mission, and Who to Call

  • Anti-Human Trafficking App

    Hey guys. This is a forward of an email sent out by our favorite pedicabber! "There is a fantastic new anti-trafficking app available. Unlike another awesome anti-slavery app, this one only works for iPhones. If you have an iPhone, and you drive a...

  • Credit Cards

    Learn about using credit cards in your pedicab business.

  • Chew Krewe Facebook Group

    The Chew Krewe Facebook Group is only open to the public but is mostly comprised of pedicabbers. It is not officially associated with BEPA. Regardless, it is a fantastic resource. It is very active. We go to try out restaurants together, and share all...

  • NO Pedicabbers Facebook Group

    The NO Pedicabbers Facebook Group is only open to pedicabbers, and it is not officially associated with BEPA. Regardless, it is a fantastic resource. It is very active. We share all kinds of interesting information with each other including...

  • BEPA's Facebook Page

    We post a lot of interesting and important information on our FB page, but the NO Pedicabbers Facebook Group is actually more helpful with the nitty gritty stuff of being a part of the Pedicab Industry in New Orleans. To like our FB page, please go to...

  • This Website

    BEPA offers a wide variety of benefits to its members. To learn about our benefits, click on the relevant Membership Benefit menu item above. To join BEPA, please go to www.bigeasypa.org/join

  • Pedicab Strategies: Riding in the Rain

    This article details the basics for pedicabbing in the rain.

  • Pedicab Strategies: A theory on "The Procession of the Pedicab"

    This article details a collective pedicab strategy / tradition for any day of the week, ideally slow days.


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