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This section of the website is designed for veteran pedicab drivers in New Orleans. It includes tips on:

  • how to get and where to find customers,
  • how much to charge customers (ethically as well as with dignity and respect for yourself and other pedicabbers),
  • an overview of the Taxi Bureau's written regulations (as well as a few of its unwritten ones),
  • an overview of some of our own unwritten rules that have developed in the pedicab community here in New Orleans
  • other resources and unique issues pertinent to pedicab drivers safety, performance, and overall positive well-being
  • taxes 


FREE Resources

For free resources, go to www.bigeasypa.org/handbook


BEPA Pedicabber Member Resources

BEPA Pedicabber Member access only. If you are a member, log in and refresh this page to see more resources here. 

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Help Develop This Area of the the Website!

For those of you who are more experienced drivers. We need your help in drafting this information for the pedicab community. If you have an interesting topic that you think should be featured here, please draft and submit it to one of our officers! We need your help!