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You can use these forms to create public articles for pedicabbers in the New Pedicabber Handbook category and private articles for Library Members in the Private Pedicabber Resources category. You must be logged in in order to access these forms. 

These articles will be reviewed by an administrator before being published to:




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You can make money by creating and promoting articles for tourists in 2 ways.

  1. Commission per article viewed or uniquely accessed

    • Tourists are charged $10 for access to 10 articles within a 24 hour period. They can also access unlimited articles for $15 during a 3 day period. They can also access single articles for $2-$5 each.

    • If you have an article in our library of resources for tourists, our system will record who pays for your article. If the tourist purchases a broader subscription, you will profit share with other authors weighted according to the number of articles you've written. For example, if we sell a 1-Day Pass and if you have written 9 of 10 available articles, then you will receive about 90% of the authors' profit share.

    • Article authors will receive 50% of profits (revenue minus PayPal processing minus promotions and referral bonuses). And, if you choose to defer some or all of those funds into your HSA, 403b, or 457b, you will receive a matching amount of up to 20% of the total profit share to the chosen account. BEPA will keep 30%-50% depending on whether you choose to use the matching program. 

  2. Promotional Bonuses

    • Pedicabbers can create their own discount codes. A pedicabber will receive $2 for each time that the promo code is used for 1 or 3 day licenses, and $1 for unique articles accessed. Promotional bonuses are ineligible for matching deferals.


You must be logged in in order to access these forms. When drafting an article, be sure to first write a short enticing description and title to draw in the reader to learn more. Then insert the "paytoreadmore" code using the button in the editor before completing your article. If you make a mistake, it's OK. You'll be able to edit/update your article later, and all new/updated articles must receive administrator approval. Lastly, be sure to choose "Tourist" for access level in the article settings.


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